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The Puppetry Home Page is produced by Rose Sage Barone of Sagecraft Productions and Nick Barone of Nick Barone Puppets, who are aided by contributors from the puppetry community world-wide. The Puppetry Home Page is a free resource for the puppetry community and is dedicated to helping people connect with the world of puppetry.

Rose Sage Barone and Nick Barone


PuppetFest Midwest

PuppetFest Midwest

Held annually in July at North Central Missouri College in Trenton, Missouri, USA

This is a festival that we have volunteered at for the past few years. We highly recommend it for a hands-on puppetry experience.

See you in Trenton. Rose and Nick


So, You Have a Puppetry Question
This is the place to start if you have a question about this page or about puppets or puppetry.

shadow puppet from Freshwater Pearls
Puppetry Definitions
Interested in different types of puppets? From Animatronics to Bunraku to Motion Capture to Pelhams to Shadow Puppets, you can find information here!

mechanical puppet from Japan
Puppetry Traditions Around the World
Links to sites describing the use of puppetry in cultures the world over.

Steve Axtell building a book puppet
Puppet Building
Information about making your own puppets, including instructions and where to obtain supplies.

Using Puppetry
Information on puppet plays, puppet productions, using puppets in theater productions, in video and in films, notable puppeteers, puppetry awards, puppetry in therapy and education, funding and how to use puppets effectively in your performances.

puppeteer and shadow puppet from Bali and Beyond
Puppetry Schools, Workshops,Internships, Scholarships and Awards
Places to go to learn about puppetry, including degree programs at colleges and universities. Scholarships and awards for puppetry are also included in this section.

marionnette by D. Becker
Puppetry Organizations
A list of puppetry organizations, worldwide, that you can join.

West Coast Puppet Fest
Puppetry Festivals
Information on puppet festivals worldwide.

Exhibit of Nick Barone Puppets
Puppetry Exhibits and Museums
Places to go to see puppets, all around the world.

shadow puppets from Stage Hand Puppets
Other Puppetry Sites and Resources
Other WWW pages devoted to puppetry, online puppetry magazines, information about chat channels, newsgroups, mailing lists, puppet books, and sites with puppet activities for children.


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